SRFExtra - Extractor for YDKJ

Some background information: You Don't Know Jack was a popular quizgame. Jellyvision released six editions of this game as well as a few specials in English language. Besides those, YDKJ was also edited for the German audience and made it to four releases. You can purchase copies of all editions directly from

The gameplay depends on tons of audiofiles, containing a total of about 8 hours of audio-footage per game. This project was created to give you access to those sources: It enables you to extract playable quicktime aifc-files from the original srf-files provided on the game-discs. A copy of those files will automatically be converted to waveform-files for your convenience.

Note: Some files in the srf-archives are already waveform-files. Those will not be converted back to aifc, so you will end up with more wave than aifc-files.

Download Binaries and/or Sources

The first release is out! You can download the initial release of the tool now. Please notify that there is still a bug in the project: Some wavefiles sound a little bit overdriven. Anyway the aifc-files which can be played with Apple(tm) Quicktime are 100% game-quality.
Download the first release here!

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